Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google Health Releases, Patient Records Go Online

Washington (ChattahBox) -Google has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated Google Health, allowing patient medical records to be available over the Internet all of the time.

It appears that the test-period is just about done with as the public beta for Google Health has launched. Google has been testing this service out with the Cleveland Clinic and thousands of patients.

Google Health has launched its public beta, and gives patients full control over their medical records over the Internet. There are many great features to Google Health, such as getting a medical profile based on your history, as well as the ability to find information on whatever condition you may be suffering from.

Once you have all of your information you need, Google Health then allows you to easily look up doctors in the area if you want to do research on your own.

It is a tool that gives patients full control over their medical records.