Thursday, May 29, 2008

Church In Minnesota Bans Autistic Boy From Mass

St. Paul (ChattahBox) - A 13-year old autistic boy, Adam Race, has been banned from going to Mass at the Church of St. Joseph in Minnesota.

Last Sunday morning, the mother of the boy tried to take her son to church, but she was met in the driveway by the sheriff, told that she would be arrested if she took him there.

The Church of St. Joseph, located in Bertha, Minnesota, filed a restraining order against the autistic boy.

The 13-year old has a severe case of autism, and has to be home-schooled due to his condition.
Father Dan Walz from the church deemed him as a danger to those who were there, stating he nearly knocks people over, makes noise, etc.

The mother stated that this is false and that they sit in the of the church, remaining quiet.
Things may be settled at a May 19th hearing.